RadLight APE DirectShow Filter

1.8 from 5 Reviews

RadLight APE DirectShow Filter will allow you to play Monkey's Audio (APE) encoded files in any DirectShow based player.

APE is a superior format, as it makes perfect, bit-for-bit copies of your music, unlike other common formats, which can save disc space only by affecting sound quality.

With APE, you will enjoy perfect sound, identical to the original, while still saving plenty of memory space.

Another advantage of this format is that you can always decompress APE files and get the original files back, exactly as they were.

This means that you will always be able to enjoy your original music collection again without needing to back it up.
Reviews & Comments
RadLight APE DirectShow Filter
on 31 October 2011
Can't even install

could not load: c:\windows\system32\RLAPEDec.ax
RadLight APE DirectShow Filter
on 16 June 2009
RadLight APE DirectShow Filter
on 08 July 2007
This is absolute bullcrap. Get something else that's working!