phonostar Player 4.02.4

4.33 from 3 Reviews

phonostar Player is a smart application enabling you to listen to radio stations from all over the world and record sounds as MP3s.

This program grants you access to thousands of radio stations of different genres: Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, Classical, and many others. In fact, there are more than 3,900 radio stations you can listen to.

Another feature of phonostar Player besides listening to radio stations is recording. You can record radio programs as MP3 and listen to them again as many times as you want.

A third major feature of phonostar Player is scheduling. The program is equipped with a timer allowing you to schedule your favorite broadcasts and never miss a radio program again.

Furthermore, you can organize your favorite stations as you wish. phonostar Player takes care of all the rest: it selects the best stream according to Internet connection and requirements, it marks stations you can’t listen to, is sets the recording volume automatically to avoid overmodulation, and it pauses the recording if there is no sound. Thus, if there are any pauses caused by buffering, they will not be played back later.

The stations in the phonostar Player database are clearly organized in a table form by country, language and genre. If the radio station delivers information about the song they are broadcasting, the data appears in phonostar Player’s window.

Another feature that you may be interested in is the possibility of changing phonostar Player’s skin, if you want to try a different design.

phonostar Player is highly recommended due to the wide range of radio stations it provides access to and its smart recording options.

- English version of phonostar Player is no more developed. There are only German versions available for download. Though it's quite easy to install and use it, even though you aren't German speaker.
Reviews & Comments
phonostar Player 2.01
on 17 February 2008
phonostar Player 2.01
on 16 August 2007
just block ps_radio.exe in the firewall and you have No Ads browser
phonostar Player 1.52.7
roger pateman
on 31 August 2006
a very good radio player easy to select your favorite stations much better than media player or realplayer for radio.