Personal Video Database

Updated: 17 Sep 2014

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Personal Video Database is a file management application which helps you organize your movie collection easily.
This tool allows you group, filter and sort your movie collection very fast.

One of the most important features of Personal Video Database is the possibility of expanding it with plugins; some of them are already included with this pack.

Other features of Personal Video Database are the full Unicode support and the loan management.

Adding new titles to Personal Video Database can be performed in various ways: writing its title and specifying a file from the hard drive or using the automatic import tool, which allows you to bring up all kinds of information, such as posters, front and CD covers, file information etc. Additionally, you can mark a movie as seen or put it on a wishlist.

The movie information you can edit refers to year, genre, director, writer, producer, actors, country, languages, IMDb rating and so on.

Other things you can do in Personal Video Database is setting movie ID numbers, switching to the fill screen mode, marking movies as “loaned”, setting bookmarks and navigating through them, connecting to a server, exporting it to a variety of file types (HTML, XML, CSV etc.)

Personal Video Database is suitable for all categories of users, from beginners to experts; it comes with a user manual and the interface is simple and intuitive enough for you to know how to use this application right from the beginning.

The main advantages of Personal Video Database are its reliability, the easiness of use, the variety of options it offers and the moderate amount of system resources it needs. It does just perfectly what it promises: organizing your movies in a database.

Changes in Personal Video Database

- Feature: File scanner can parse imdb ids
- Fixed: Issues with character encoding and plugins and scripts
- Fixed: Setting Seen Date would not update the Seen state
- Fixed: DoubleClick in Fields did not select word under cursor
- Fixed: Minor fixes and improvements
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5 from 3 Reviews


Personal Video Database
on 20 April 2010 , reviewed by:

I hope this program is worth my downloading as I have a 800 to 1000 dvd collection.


Personal Video Database 0.9.8
on 19 May 2008 , reviewed by:

The best movie database at any price! A powerful and reliable relational database of movies and the people associated with ...

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