Do you work with images on your computer on a regular basis and require RAW and PSD support?
An option you could consider is nomacs, a reliable image viewer working with a wide range of formats and also featuring the most important editing capabilities.

To begin with, the following file formats can be manipulated with nomacs: JPG, BMP, PNG, ARW, PPM, DNG, PSD, TGA, ICO, MPO, and CRW among others.

Any file in one of the supported formats can be added to the main window by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” option.

You can also browse images within a ZIP file or included in an MS office file and extract them to a directory. Metadata stored with the image is preserved and notes can be added to your images.

Some of the image manipulation options provided by nomacs are adjusting brightness and contrast, creating false color images, creating collages from multiple pictures, rotating images to different angles, resizing and cropping images, and many others. For easier and faster operation you can create and reassign hotkeys. A feature of nomacs that you won’t find with other similar programs is the synchronization of multiple instances, which means you can compare images by zooming or overlaying them with different transparency levels.

A portable version is available for those who prefer to skip the installation stage, and the latest versions of nomacs have been improved with a new MSI installer, RAW loader optimizer to use less RAM, RAW loading improved to reduce pink pixels, and fixes of the drag and drop feature and of the batch resize option.

Nomacs is suited for both average users and professionals up to a certain level, due to its wide range of editing options and support for the PSD and RAW formats.

Changes to nomacs 3.14:

- HEIF/HEIC support
- Draw lines, arrows, and text to images (thx to @sirius1242)
- start-up time reduced

Print nomacs pictures/screenshots/thumb/nomacs_2.jpg

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