mpegable DS decoder 2.1.4

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The mpegable DS decoder enables you to decode MPEG-4 and 3GPP audio and video using DirectShow-based applications, such as Windows Media Player (6.x and above).

The mpegable DS decoder has not been developed anymore since 2004 and support and distribution of this codec were discontinued.

Nowadays, the mpegable DS decoder can still be a good choice only if you are using and older computer and you cannot update your operating system and software.

The last version of the mpegable DS decoder was 2.1.4 and it was improved with DivX support while several bugs have been fixed as well.

Besides 3GP and H.263 decoding, mpegable DS decoder also performs AMR decoding.

Other features of the decoder include:

- AAC audio support, AMR-NB (narrow band) and AMR-WB (wide band) audio support, H.263 video conformity, MJPEG-4 video conformity (ISO/IEC 14496-2) and real-time decoding to CCIR (720 x 576) resolution for Pentium III or Athlon processors without needing additional hardware.

By installing the mpegable DS decoder to your computer, you will enjoy full support for decoding MJPEG-4 and 3GPP audio and video streams no matter what DirectShow-compliant media player you prefer.
Reviews & Comments
mpegable DS decoder 2.1.4
tomi sroka
on 09 May 2007
Why is it not available anywhere?
mpegable DS decoder 2.1.4
vijay singh
on 04 April 2007
why it is not working?
mpegable DS decoder 2.1.4
rinku klumar
on 01 April 2007
i need it pleaseeeeeeee i tried to download at least 15times but couldn't get success,let me know if it starts to work again
thank you