wxMP3gain 4.0 and MP3Gain 1.5.2

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Tired of changing the volume of your MP3 each time a new song starts playing? Some tracks are very loud and others are barely audible? With MP3Gain you can improve the quality of your MP3 files by adjusting their loudness.

The application determines how loud the music sounds to the human ear and then edits the MP3 files so that they all have the same loudness level.

MP3Gain 1is a command line application, but the good news is that it comes with wxMP3Gain, a front end making your job a lot easier!

The input file formats supported by MP3Gain are MP3 and M3U, and you can load them using the file browser. You can load multiple files at a time.

MP3Gain can operate in two modes: track mode and album mode. By using the track mode, you will be able to correct a series of unrelated tracks and bring them to the same level. First of all, the application detects the volume level for each song, and then it brings all volumes to the Target Volume level.

It is recommended to use the Album mode if you want to correct related songs, taken from the same album. Compared to the Track mode, the second method does adjust volumes to the Target Volume level, but at the same time it maintains the volume differences between the MP3s in the album.

Aside from calculating how loud the sound seems to the human ear, MP3Gain can also adjust volume based on the peak amplitude of the MP3s and perform normalizing, like many other editing programs.

MP3Gain is a must for any music lover and it will prevent those unpleasant situations when you adjust the volume to the max for a quiet song and a very loud track comes next.

Changes to MP3Gain 1.3.4 beta:

- AACGain support! AACGain is _not_ included in this release, but this version of the GUI is designed to work with it. Download AACGain, rename it to "mp3gain.exe", and put it in the MP3Gain folder.

- wxMP3gain is a free front-end for the MP3gain.
Reviews & Comments
MP3Gain 1.3.4 beta
on 20 April 2009
I used it with Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and it works perfectly! Top class program- Highly recommended!!!
MP3Gain 1.3.4 beta
on 11 November 2007
Anyone using Vista have success with this?
MP3Gain 1.3.4 beta
on 23 June 2007
It was an excellent one. Man...u can't imagine the magic behind but beleive me the software make ur existing sounds...BLAST!!! Do download it!!