MP3 Splitter 2.0

3.5 from 2 Reviews

MP3 Splitter allows you to cut tracks in the MP3 format. You can split files by time or by size, and even very big files are supported by this application.

MP3 Splitter is portable, which means you don’t need to install it to your computer.

Instead, you can keep the executable file on your local disc and run it whenever it is necessary.

A great advantage of portable tools is that the Windows registry is not modified and no traces are left behind if you remove the application.

MP3 is extremely useful if you try to send large MP3 files via email and you need to respect the size restriction. The application can create a batch file to join the split files later.

MP3 Splitter has not been updated anymore for many years and you can’t expect it to work very fast, as its interface doesn’t support drag and drop support or batch processing. The splitting process is, nevertheless, quite simple: you need to load an MP3 file, set the output destination and the split mode, and initiate the splitting task.

There are three different ways you can split an MP3: by size (in bytes), by time (in seconds), and by selection (you specify the starting and the ending time). Moreover, you can require MP3 Splitter to preserve ID3 tags, to use your settings as default, and to play the input and output files. All actions are performed fast and using a low amount of system resources. Sound quality is not affected at all.

MP3 Splitter is strongly recommended to all user categories, especially to beginners and average users, due to its friendly interface and straightforward operating mode. While it may be obsolete for experts, MP3 Splitter can still be useful if all you need is to obtain smaller MP3 files from one large file.
Reviews & Comments
MP3 Splitter 2.0
on 11 August 2011
I just used MP3 Splitter for the first time and while it definitely splits MP3's my problem is it's not very accurate.

Now admittedly I'm using it to trim multiple hour files but when I say I want a two hour section, it can't comply. I get random size chunks. Oh well. I haven't tried it on a standard size music MP3 yet.
MP3 Splitter 2.0
Jim Miller
on 03 May 2011
I've used this splitter for years. It has a simple, intuitive interface. It will split only mp3 files, to my knowledge; but it has handled, and quickly split every file no matter the size.

MP3 Splitter only splits two ways. First a file can be split into a number of equal pieces. Secondly a file can be split into pieces of a specified length.

If you're looking for a simple straight forward splitter, I recommend this one.

I have not used the 'joiner' portion of this utility.