Mobile 3GP Converter 1.1.0

2.78 from 9 Reviews

Mobile 3GP Converter allows you to convert 3GP files into AVI files fast and easy.

This application is particularly useful to those who record videos in the 3GP format with their mobile phones and want to convert the movies to AVI.

Mobile 3GP Converter is very basic: all you need to do is to import the input files (batch processing is supported), to choose the output folder and to use the “Convert” button.

Additionally, you can command the application to convert only the video or only the audio.

Mobile 3GP Converter is not a top application, but it comes in handy for anyone recording in the 3GP format and looking to convert their videos in the common AVI format.

It doesn’t offer any resolution or compression configuration options, but instead it provides a very simple way of converting your files.
Reviews & Comments
Mobile 3GP Converter 1.1.0
on 12 March 2011
thumbs up for this really nice converter. it does what it's supposed to do, at least on my win7.

4 not 5 stars, because it turnes a 90sec video (original size 1.5mb) into 100mb... would be nice if you could adjust the quality and thereby the size =D
Mobile 3GP Converter 1.1.0
on 06 July 2010
Converts audio only. Win XP SP2. Comes up with error during run and asks to report to Microsoft. FAIL.
Mobile 3GP Converter 1.1.0
on 05 August 2008
Worked perfectly! I am so pleased that I finally came across software that did exactly what it says it does!