Midvid MV3 Video Codec 1.0

Updated: 27 Dec 2004

Midvid MV3 Video Codec ensures image quality and playback speed superior to MPEG2 using DCT and motion compensation.
By installing this codec to your computer you will enjoy quality close to DVD with 640x480 video at a bitrate of 600kb per second.

This application creates files with the MV3 extension, and you will be able to obtain them using any software that can produce AVI files, because MV3 installs as a standard AVI codec under Windows.

Midvid MV3 Video Codec runs on MMX processors and above.

The input used by this codec may be 16, 24 or 32 bit data, and MV3 will play back in 24 or 32 bit or play movies in the YUV format (hardware does the color conversion).

The MV3 format allows you to compress your videos around 15:1 while preserving a high quality of images. Midvid MV3 Video Codec is recommended especially to those using RAW and YUV format, as it reduces the size of the files significantly, while preserving quality at a high level.

Another category of users that may be interested in this codec are game developers, since Midvid MV3 Video Codec has been ported to the XBox, GameCube and PSX2. If you use the PC version of MV3 to author the video, the same AVI file can be played on all platforms.

Midvid MV3 Video Codec has not been developed anymore since 2004 and it runs on Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

This codec may be outdated for most users, but you might need it if you use an older computer with a Windows XP or below operating system.

Midvid MV3 Video Codec helps you enjoy the advantages of MV3 files: good image quality and high playback speed.
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