MediaInfo 24.05.1 / MediaInfoXP 2.46

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MediaInfo is offering technical information about video or audio files.

Media files come in a variety of formats, each with its own unique properties and specifications.

As a result, it can be difficult to keep track of all the information associated with a media file, such as its resolution, bitrate, and codec. This is where MediaInfo comes in.

MediaInfo is a free, cross-platform tool that provides users with detailed information about their media files. Whether you're working with video, audio, or image files, MediaInfo can analyze and display a wide range of technical data about the file.

This can be incredibly useful for anyone working with media files, from casual users to professional editors.

One of the key features of MediaInfo is its support for a wide range of media formats. The tool can analyze everything from popular video formats like MP4 and AVI, to lesser-known formats like ProRes and DNxHD.

Additionally, MediaInfo can analyze audio files in formats such as MP3, FLAC, and WAV, as well as image files in formats like JPEG and PNG.

Once a file has been analyzed, MediaInfo displays a wealth of information about it, organized into several different categories.

For video files, this can include information about the resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, and codec used.

For audio files, MediaInfo can display information about the bitrate, sample rate, and channel layout. Additionally, MediaInfo can display information about subtitles and other metadata associated with the file.

MediaInfo's interface is clean and easy to use, with the ability to customize the display of information to suit your needs. The tool also includes a command-line interface, making it easy to incorporate MediaInfo into automated workflows or batch processes.

One of the most useful features of MediaInfo is its ability to generate reports about media files.

This can be incredibly useful for anyone working with large libraries of media files, as it allows you to quickly generate reports about specific files or batches of files. These reports can be saved in a variety of formats, including HTML and CSV.

MediaInfo is a powerful tool that provides users with detailed information about their media files.

Whether you're a casual user or a professional editor, MediaInfo can help you analyze and understand the technical properties of your media files.

With its support for a wide range of formats, customizable interface, and reporting capabilities, MediaInfo is an essential tool for anyone working with media files.

Changes to MediaInfo 24.05:

- Italian translation updated
- Windows GUI: Dark theme
- Windows GUI: Support of high DPI
- Windows GUI: Sheet view is resizable
- Windows GUI: Allow selecting multiple files in open file dialog
- Windows GUI: Use system dialog for opening folders
- I2029, MXF: decode of VBI (Line 21 & VITC)
- I2058, VorbisCom: show MusicBrainz IDs in XML or full text output
- I1881, MXF & MOV: customizable seek pos and duration of caption probe
- I2005, WavPack: support of non-standard sampling rate
- I2021, MP4: support of Qt style AudioSampleEntry in ISO MP4
- Conformance checker: report of malformed frames for AVC & HEVC & AAC
- Conformance checker: an element is indicated bigger than its upper element
- Conformance checker: Add more stream synchronization related checks
- Conformance checker: Check coherency of MXF elements having vectors
- Conformance checker: check of MPEG Audio sync loss in raw MP3 & truncated file
- Conformance checker: FFV1 checks also when in AVI and MOV/MP4
- Conformance checker: check if a TIFF file is complete
- Conformance checker: span of frames & frame/timestamp/byte offset
- Windows GUI: Fix position of open folder dialog
- Windows GUI: Fix text view strings after e.g. XML view
- Linux GUI: Use transparent icons
- Avoid infinite loop with distant files
- MXF: Support of SMPTE ST 422-2019 I2
- I2055, Dolby Vision: fix crash with some files
- I2054, ID3v2: fix crash with some malformed files
- FFV1: fix conformance checker crash with Golomb Rice parsing
- AC-3: fix crash with some TrueHD files
- I2005, WavPack: handle of small files
- BMP: fix bitdepth info

Full list of changes.
Reviews & Comments
MediaInfo 19.04
on 02 May 2019
Can't display media infos (like bitrate, length, etc) any more after i updated (Windows 7), so i uninstalled it.
MediaInfo 0.7.67-1
Axel Foley
on 30 March 2014
Comes bundled with Adware-OpenCandy.dll, which is left behind in temp folder after installation, which fortunately malwarebytes picked up and quarantined.

Adware:Win32/OpenCandy is an adware program that may be bundled with certain third-party software installation programs. Some versions of this program may send user-specific information, including a unique machine code, operating system information, locale (country), and certain other information to a remote server without obtaining adequate user consent.

There should be criminal consequences for both bundling, and distributing, spyware like this!
MediaInfo 0.7.58
on 04 June 2012
I like it, but this version makes Windows Explorer crash when I over mouse cursor over mp4 files for tooltip (only with mp4).