LosslessCut 3.59.1

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LosslessCut is a powerful FFmpeg GUI that allows you to perform lossless operations on video, audio, subtitle, and other related media files quickly.
Its primary feature is lossless trimming and cutting of video and audio files, which is particularly useful for reducing the size of large video files captured from devices like GoPro, drones, or video cameras.

This allows you to extract the desired parts of your videos quickly without losing quality or having to perform a slow re-encode process.

With LosslessCut, you can also add music or subtitle tracks to your video without needing to encode the entire file.

This is accomplished by an almost direct data copy using the powerful FFmpeg technology, which performs all the grunt work behind the scenes.

As a result, all of the operations you perform with LosslessCut are exceptionally fast and efficient.

LosslessCut offers a wide range of features, including lossless cutting of most video and audio formats, lossless rearrangement of the order of video/audio segments, lossless merge/concatenation of arbitrary files with identical codec parameters, and lossless stream editing, allowing you to combine arbitrary tracks from multiple files.

You can also extract all tracks from a file and remux them into any compatible output format.

LosslessCut lets you take full-resolution snapshots from videos in JPEG/PNG format and provides manual input of cutpoint times. You can apply a per-file timecode offset, change rotation/orientation metadata in videos, and view technical data about all streams.

It also includes timeline zoom and frame/keyframe jumping for accurate cutting around keyframes.

Other features include the ability to save per-project cut segments to a project file, view FFmpeg last command log, and undo/redo. You can give labels to cut segments, view segment details, and export/import cut segments as CSV.

LosslessCut allows you to import segments from various sources, such as MP4/MKV chapters, text files, YouTube, CSV, CUE, and XML (DaVinci, Final Cut Pro).

You can also edit file metadata and per-stream metadata and cut with chapter marks.

Overall, LosslessCut is an excellent tool for anyone looking to perform lossless operations on their video and audio files quickly and efficiently.

Changes to LosslessCut 3.59.0:

- New full screen video mode
- Make sure that all actions are key bindable. From now on all menu actions will also be keyboard bindable (and available thru HTTP API).
- Added the following actions: Convert to supported format, Create segments from keyframes, Detect black scenes, Detect silent scenes, Detect scene changes, Edit tracks / metadata tags, Open, Start times as YouTube Chapters, Report an error, Toggle show waveform, Toggle show thumbnails, Toggle show keyframes, Include more tracks from other file
- Reduce number of clicks in "open new file" menu (no more radio buttons)
- Improve segment tags editor
- Add support for timestamp csv import and make time parsing more flexible
- Read fps from audio files too
- Auto-convert between subtitle codecs (webvtt, srt, ass)
- Move "Segments" to its own root menu
- Add "split segment" to menu
- Update MacOS icon to make it more Apple-y
- Fix logic when sanitizing output file: disallow slashes on windows, check for file name ending with a space or a dot
- Fix "Show Item In Folder" on macos
- Fix Smart cut: multiply estimated bitrate by 8 (fixes low quality issue for smart cut, bit vs byte typo)
- Minor improvements and fixes

Full list of changes.

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Reviews & Comments
LosslessCut 3.58
on 15 October 2023
Very Good! BUT only version 3.47 and below work with Windows 7.
LosslessCut 3.55.2
wang yong
on 02 August 2023
very good. easy to use.