LC ISO Creator 1.1

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LC ISO Creator is an extremely lightweight and basic tool for creating ISO files from CDs and DVDs.

The application is portable and ensures fast and easy disc backup to a storable ISO file, which can later be burned back to a CD or DVD.

Creating ISO files is the only operation performed by LC ISO Creator.

This virtual item has a size of only 23KB and its interface is extremely simple and rudimentary.

This is an advantage for those who need an application for creating ISO files without getting confused about advanced options they don’t need.

After you select the disk you want to use, just press “Create ISO” and the work will be done within minutes.

LC ISO Creator is an excellent choice if your requirements are basic and you simply want to convert CDs or DVDs to ISO, without applying any other options.
Reviews & Comments
LC ISO Creator 1.1
on 12 January 2008
Very tiny program, LCISOCreator does an excellent job of quickly creating an ISO file from a DVD (or a CD-ROM).

I've paired it with VirtualCloneDrive for a very silent jukebox on a 500GB magnetic disc.
LC ISO Creator 1.1
on 16 March 2007
LC ISO Creator 1.1
Andy Gold
on 14 March 2006
Excellent program to make a CD or DVD backup. It's really small and fast, doesn't need installation and perfect to bring in a USB stick anywhere you might need it.

Of course it doesn't work with copy-protected media, but for a 52KB programm that would be too much to ask.