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JPEGView is able to view and edit various image formats, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, HEIF/HEIC, and AVIF, GIF, TGA, DNG, CR2, CRW, DCR and TIFF.

The first thing you will notice about JPEGView is its clear-cut, intuitive interface.

There are just a few basic buttons and they are automatically hidden when you are not working in the application.

All categories of users can easily make their way through JPEGView’s simple interface.

With JPEGView, you can view images from digital cameras at a high quality level and in full-screen mode and you enjoy basic image editing options.

While viewing images, you can adjust contrast, color cast, exposure and others. If you need more advanced editing options, JPEGView is not recommended.

Apart from image formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIFF, JPEGView also supports camera RAW formats.

Other features of JPEGView are fulscreen viewing, multiple CPU cores support, high quality resizing of images, interactive image processing, saving viewing and processing parameters per image, slide show and movie playing capabilities and batch renaming and copying.

Even if JPEGView is more focused on viewing than on editing and it is not one of the most advanced programs, all its features are well-organized and reliable.

Rotation and cropping are lossless; the downsampling filter preserves sharpness; image processing remains functional while playing and it provides real time and full screen image processing. It is also possible to display EXIF information and image histogram. Parameters can be saved in an INI file.

JPEGView is exactly what you need if you want a good reliable image viewer equipped with the most important editing options and performing tasks efficiently, while using low amounts of resources.

Changes to JPEGView 1.3.46:

- Modern cameras RAW support, PSD Support. EXIF reader updates. Decoding speed improvements. libwebp CVE fix.
- Add support for reading EXIF data from JXL, HEIF, AVIF, WebP and PNG files.

Full list of changes.
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JPEGView 1.0.31
on 15 December 2013
Just as fast as needed. My new default viewer.