JLC Internet TV 1.2.1

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JLC Internet TV is an application which allows you to watch online and for free more than 1000 TV channels. Watch television from almost any country in the world!

The installation process is very simple and fast and within seconds you can enjoy JLC Internet TV’s basic and intuitive interface.

The window is split in two, and the video feed occupies most of it. On the right side of JLC Internet TV you have a list of TV channels, which you can group by country or by type (documentary, business, films and so on).

The menu bar is simple, too, and beginner users will find JLC Internet TV very accessible.

The list is being constantly added new channels due to the channel updater, and, whenever a new version appears, the program updater identifies it an offers to install it. Furthermore, it is easy to keep track of your favorite channels by creating a favorites list. Use the search function in order to avoid browsing for the channel you are looking for.

Another advantage of this program is the complete lack of adware and spyware; it doesn’t install any additional software on your computer.

It is possible to encounter difficulties, because of the stream and the Internet connection; some channels may be dead or taking some time before loading, while others are very responsive as soon as you open them. All in all, after making a list of favorites, you will only try to watch channels which are truly available.

JLC Internet TV is an average online TV application, which needs a small amount of resources to work and whose list of channels is not 100% reliable. Nevertheless, it is worth giving it a try, you may end up with finding a simple solution for watching your favorite TV show.

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JLC Internet TV 1.2.1
on 14 March 2015
I like it thak you for this great program.I love it very much.