ISO Toolkit 7.1

Updated: 27 Aug 2014

ISO Toolkit is an ISO images management tool which allows you to manipulate these files fast and easy.
You can perform various operations such as conversion, copying and mounting.

It has never been easier to work with ISO files before.

ISO Toolkit is portable, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer.

You can keep it anywhere on your disc space and simply run the executable when needed. Or you can store it on an USB flash drive, too, and run it on any computer.

At a size of 3.1 MB, ISO Toolkit is truly a good solution for those who prefer portable applications which don’t copy additional files to their computer and modify the Windows registry.

What this small and efficient tool enables you to do are the following: creating bootable ISO images, converting between common image formats, extracting and mounting ISO, NRG and CD images, burning ISO images, and directly creating a clone ISO image from a CD or a DVD.

Just the most common features the average user needs and no confusing and complicated configuration options.

The last versions of ISO Toolkit have been added a burn feature and they had their mount function driver updated.

ISO Toolkit uses a low amount of system resources and memory. It is fairly responsive and it performs commands fast, without slowing down your computer or causing errors. Its interface is intuitive and simple enough for beginners.

In conclusion, ISO Toolkit is a utility worth deploying to your computer if you are looking for a simple application with basic features and a minimum impact on your computer. Its portability and its easiness of use are ISO Toolkit’s main advantages.
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