Gvi2Avi 1.2.0

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Convert Google video files (.GVI) to usual AVI files using Gvi2Avi.

The only difference between these two formats is the extra list with the FOURCC “GOOG” following the header.

GVI files are very similar to AVI files and they are encoded in DivX4 with an MP3 audio track.

They can be played using the most popular media players on condition that they do not incorporate DRM encryption.

GVI files are becoming obsolete, as Google is slowly giving up on them. The Google Video Player has been discontinued in 2007, so, if you still have some of these files on your computer and you want to convert them to a widely-used format, Gvi2Avi is the solution.

After obtaining normal AVI files, you can convert them to any desired format without any quality losses.
Reviews & Comments
Gvi2Avi 1.2.0
Sue Folkringa
on 02 August 2008
I used this convertor on a single gvi file and it worked as advertised. My goal was to get the file from .gvi format to .avi and then to further convert it to .wmv file which I was able to do. THANKS for the translation!
Gvi2Avi 1.2.0
Jim Henderson
on 18 February 2008
I used this program to convert three files, two of the three would not work at all, the Video Player came back with an error message and the third let the audio through, but the video was gone. I am not sure what the solution is, but Microsoft has snookered Google on the gvi file format for the time being.