Free Studio 6.7.7

1.5 from 2 Reviews

Free Studio is a piece of software offering a user-friendly interface for accessing 50+ different programs belonging to various categories: audio, video, photo, mobile devices, Apple devices, CD/DVD burners and so on, all developed by DVDVideoSoft.

Users nowadays have a variety of needs, and there is a program for each of it.

But installing dozens of applications is time-consuming and you may be missing some useful tools out there.

What if they all came bundled?

With Free Studio you have quick and easy access to a variety of software tools which help you manage and edit your media contents hassle free.

There is a long list of programs which come with Free Studio.

The first category of applications contains video converters, which allow you to transform your movies into media files for various mobile devices, such as phones and PSPs produced by the most popular brands.

Secondly, a media enthusiast will always find something interesting on YouTube. With the tools provided by Free Studio, you can download your favorite videos and convert them to various file formats.

Storage is another issue for users who need to manage large amounts of media files, and Free Studio has considered this aspect, too, by embedding various burners for DVDs and Audio CDs.

A few editing programs come in handy, too, for images, audio and video files. Take one step further and create your own materials with photo and video makers as well.

Apart from these extremely useful tools, Free Studio will offer to install the DVDVideoSoft Toolbar, but you can skip this application if you pay attention during set up and clear the checks responsible for unwanted software.

Free Studio takes all the tools needed by a media enthusiast and puts them into a single pack for a complete approach on your photos, music and movies management.
Reviews & Comments
Free Studio 5.6.3
on 24 July 2012
Norton 360 promptly deleted it.
Free Studio 5.3.3
on 08 January 2012
This software itself is pretty good...

Unfortunately, the developers have compromised their hard work by installing Opencandy without the users knowledge. This adware/malware/spyware is notorious and very difficult to remove. Beware.