Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec 1.263 Profesional

4.6 from 5 Reviews

Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec is one of the best codecs released by Fraunhofer, in spite of the long period of time it has not been updated anymore.

This codec is not offered anymore due to licensing issues and it is replaced, most of the time with the LAME ACM Codec + LAME MP3 Encoder, the best codec-encoder combination.

LAME offers both superior speed and quality.

Moreover, the new LAME codec does not come with an installer.

You just need to select right-click on the LameACM.inf file and select Install.

The codec is correctly installed even if there is no warning box.
Reviews & Comments
Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec 1.263 Profesional
on 05 April 2008
Sehr sch├╢n ;-) Besten Dank!
Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec 1.263 Profesional
on 24 April 2007
Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec 1.263 Profesional
on 02 March 2007
The bottom reviewer doesn't realise that mp3 is a lossy format, and thus it would be nothing short of a miracle if this codec produced a lossless format mp3.

How far can you go to use Fraunhofer instead of LAME?

Well, LAME provides by far the best quality encodes. It wins hands down. The only time you really need to use this codec is if and when you have an application which only supports this codec.

This is not BROADCAST quality at all; it is PROFESSIONAL quality. It is COMMERCIAL: meaning that commercial applications pay for the licensing to use IIS without revealing they're actually using IIS.

In addition, this is the cracked version of the codec: the original Fraunhofer codec doesn't encode above a very low bitrate.