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DVX is a powerful tool automating some of the most popular video tools and enabling you to create DivX and XviD videos by using DVB and DVD sources.

DVX's development was discontinued in favor of StaxRip.

The DVX format is used by the DivX codec and its main advantage is significantly reducing video size without quality losses.

DVX files can be played and edited by using special software integrating the DivX codec.

The DVX application includes tools such as BeSweet, VirtualDub and VirtualDubMod.

DVX uses the original DivX and XviD menus and supports two video codecs: DivX 5.0.x/DivX 5.0.x Pro and XviD - Vp3.

The input formats accepted by DVX are AVI, VOB, D2V, PVA, MPG, M2V, VDR , MPV and many others. Besides creating DivX and XviD videos, DVX can also natively produce other types of output: MP3, AC3, OGG, MP2, etc. The trough plugin allows you to create VP3 and AAC too, and mux video contents into AVI, OGM, MP4 and MKV.

The most important features of DVX are support for VOB input, a preview window, an update function, saving settings as profiles, burn support, command line interface available, support for two audio streams, 30 included macros that can be used in every script and command line function, auto detection for the correct aspect ratio, overhead calculation and bitrate correction after audio encoding and credits encoding.

Aside from these native features, you can add new options to DVX by using plugins. Some extra features offered by add-ons are an original Vp3 menu, OGM splitting, subtitles ripping and MP4/AAC support.

DVX has not been developed anymore for a long time and it was replaced with StaxRip.

Nevertheless, DVX was a very complex application for its time and its final version, which was released in 2005, was improved significantly by fixing and adding multiple features.
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on 07 October 2017
nice, i think it must be very useful to me.
on 24 November 2015
/super, but without a dl how can i know?
on 26 November 2007
it's a nice one