DivXToDVD Converter 1.99.24

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DivXToDVD allows you to convert your videos to DVD and it supports the most common file formats such as DivX, XviD, MOV, VOB, MPEG, MPEG4, AVI, DV and WMV.

Many features of DivXToDVD Converter are automatic, and the application selects by itself specific formats and it creates chapters without your assistance.

Both the NTSC and PAL formats are supported, and the last version of DivXToDVD Converter featured a new interface and offered subtitle support.

DivXToDVD Converter has not been developed anymore and it was replaced by a new product, ConvertXtoDVD.

Even so, many of DivXToDVD Converter’s features can still be useful to a wide range of users: merging up to 4 hours of data from multiple videos and episodes; selecting between widescreen, full screen and auto; using a high-quality MPEG2 encoder; a fast preview function to check the quality of the output; supporting the double layer format and saving the DVD structure on your local disc or burning it to a DVD.

One of the components of DivXToDVD Converter is the Patin-Couffin Access Layer.

Aside from that, DivXToDVD Converter features a fast MPEG2 encoder which functions at maximum speed if you have a registered version. The quality of results is satisfactory, considering that the input is already compressed using lossy encoding methods. One of the advantages of DivXToDVD Converter is definitely the fast encoding.

The latest versions of this converter have been improved with adjustable conversion priority, better overall performance, a new preview filter, better support for DV files and updated translations.

DivXToDVD Converter is an easy to use tool, but its successor, ConvertXtoDVD, may turn out to be more reliable than this discontinued product.
Reviews & Comments
DivXToDVD Converter 1.99.22
on 27 October 2005
miss dilnaz

the most fastest program i have ever come across, it can turn a 2hr film in to full dvd format in under 1hr.then burn it , and play it on any machine.
does anyone know which company wrote this software. 10/10 not 5

would be even better if it could add more files (batch) to be done as one dvd .

VSO develops this program.
DivXToDVD Converter 1.99.13
on 07 September 2005
it seems good
DivXToDVD Converter 0.5.2b
on 08 July 2005
any 1 help i keep tyring to use this program but keeps freezing my pc same as any other program 4 converting.can any 1 put any light on this or had same problem.but have now sorted it out 2 convert