DivX Player 11.0

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DivX Player is offering you excellent playback of movies and video contents from the web. The formats supported by this program are AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV and WMV.

DivX Player can be deployed on your computer after a simple and fast installation process.

You will become familiar with this application’s features starting with installation, when you will receive all the instructions and the information you need in order to enjoy DivX Player.

The simple interface is perfect for beginners, but it also hides some advanced options for those needing to get the most out of their videos.

When you use DivX Player, expect to enjoy the following advanced features: activating audio tracks in various languages; jumping exactly at the scene you want to watch; XTAG video tags containing information about the DivX files; easy-to-use menus that allows you to navigate between scenes and bonus features.

DivX Player comes with HD capabilities, and you will be amazed at the quality of the videos. Moreover, the application can play content from the DivX Video-on-Demand program, an online service offering high-quality movies. Due to the progressive downloading technology, you can start watching the video before it has been completely downloaded.

Other advantages of the DivX Player are the dual monitor support (playing fullscreen videos on dual-monitor systems), the possibility to personalize the interface by adding new skins and the low CPU requirements.

The minimum requirements means that you can play DivX video content even on older computers.

DivX Player is an application that doesn’t require too much, but which offers a lot if you decide to install it on your computer.

Advanced options, multiple formats support, needing a small amount of resources and being able to render excellent results on older computers – these are solid advantages no user can ignore.
Reviews & Comments
DivX Player 6.2
on 03 May 2006
this is good
DivX Player 6.2
on 29 April 2006
I just tried the player because dual monitor support was promised. But I did not experience anything working on two monitors.

Where do I find the settings for dual monitor int this player?
DivX Player 2.5.5
on 07 October 2004
This player looks cool and neat but has a serious flaw: no subtitles support. Also i'm having problems installing XviD codec to use with this player.

(XviD codec i installed (koepi) works fine for my stinky windows media player but not from my divxplayer. this brings out my memories on the old divx-xvid quarrels... 2bad)