DivX Free 5.2.1

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DivX Free is one of the best known and most used codecs allowing you to watch an MPEG 4 movie just as well as encoding a DivX5 video file.
DivX Free comes with all the features of the DivX Pro, but also with some unwanted advertisement on your web browsers.

But let’s put the negatives aside and see what this codec pack has to offer to its users.

DivX Free can be installed on any computer with a Windows operating system, XP or even above. The installation process is simple and fast and it gives you the possibility to choose the components you want to deploy on your computer.

DivX Free has a variety of filters to ensure that you can view virtually any media file, but beware of the fact that the most complex ones can be offered only on a trial basis. These trial-based features are rather professional tools that will not necessarily impact an average movie watching experience of a user with normal requirements.

Another advantage of this application is the small amount of resources it needs to function, so you can be sure that DivX Free is working out there in the background without affecting your computer’s performance.

If you decide to open the application, you will have an interface only for the Converter and this component will occupy just a small part of your workspace. The Converter has four output formats: Home Theater, High Definition, Handheld and Portable.

In the issue, DivX Free is a good choice if you use Windows XP and you want a codec which does its job from the shadow so you can enjoy your favorite movies without needing any third-party software.

DivX Free encodes videos fast and lives up to the expectations of most users.

- DivX Free is an old version of DivX 10. It is useful for old operating systems, however bear in mind that it lacks many new features.
Reviews & Comments
DivX Free 5.2.1
on 09 May 2011
i keep getting 1 screen or sometimes 2 screens that keep popping up every time i click on to something.it reads at top message from webpage- console.log:divx hiq debug:hiq update.this is really driving me crazy and i can't get it to stop popping up.

could you please stop it or tell me how to stop them from popping up. thanks cwood
DivX Free 5.2.1
on 12 November 2008
im not sure if i want to download this now, as I had to do a total revamp of my entire computer. I was reading some of the reviews and someone said that the google toolbar is a "spyware"???? This is news to me. Is it really? I am asking because it came already installed on my computer right out of the factory..... can anyone tell me which codec packs do work and how i can retrieve them please? my email is lookin-atu @ hotmail.com
DivX Free 5.2.1
on 27 October 2007
I only installed it last night, so I rated it good.
If you watch every window on the installation, the two checkboxes for installing google toolbar and something else( mozilla firefox I think) appear, and can be unchecked by you before installing.