CopyTrans HEIC 2.0

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When you find yourself with a Windows computer and the need to view images in Apple's latest HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File) format, it's evident that a challenge arises.

Navigating the HEIC Challenge on Windows

If you're grappling with challenges handling the HEIC format, we recommend consulting our related guide: "How to Open HEVC, HEIC and HEIF files?"

Given that Windows doesn't natively support HEIC, gaining access to these images poses a dilemma.

The remedy lies in installing CopyTrans HEIC on your computer, granting you the capability to preview and display HEIC files sans additional software.

Now, let's delve into why the HEIC format is worth the effort.

HEIC/HEIF debuted with iOS 11, offering the significant advantage of occupying half the space of JPGs while preserving image quality. With the potential to store twice as many images on your computer, this format certainly warrants consideration.

See also: HEIF Image Extensions - enables Windows 10 and 11 devices to read and write files that use the High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format.

This application offers essential features such as viewing HEIC and HEIF files on Windows, online HEIC to JPG conversion, printing HEIC images, and integrating HEIC into Microsoft Office files.

CopyTrans HEIC stands out as the pioneering solution providing native support, ensuring HEIC files display thumbnails akin to JPEGs. Employing integration technology akin to Nikon and Canon's RAW formats compatibility with Windows.

Accessing HEIC images is effortless, taking less than a minute with CopyTrans HEIC's quick download and installation. Once installed, simply double-clicking on your HEIC photo reveals it instantly.

Moreover, converting files to JPG is a breeze with a simple right-click. Opting for CopyTrans HEIC for conversion tasks is recommended for its speed and privacy assurance – your photos remain secure on your computer, avoiding the need for online HEIC converters.

Download CopyTrans HEIC & Convert Your HEIC Files Now!

CopyTrans HEIC has a discreet presence, as it functions like a plugin. There is no app interface; all the actions are visible with your file browser and Windows Picture Viewer.

See CopyTrans HEIC for Windows in under 20 seconds video:

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CopyTrans HEIC 2.0
on 30 August 2023
good software for what I need.