cladDVD .NET 3.5.7

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cladDVD .NET enables you to decrypt DVDs with protected content by using the vStrip engine.

This application creates DVD backups and it removes analog copy protection. Use cladDVD .NET before viewing, processing or converting your DVD movies.

cladDVD .NET uses two different DVD ripping methods.

The first method is PGC Mode [AVI] which is recommended in case you want to obtain and AVI file after ripping.

It will create one large VOB file that you will convert to AVI.

The second ripping method is DVD Mode [DVDR]. This solution is suitable if you want to make a copy of the DVD, identical to the original, but which is not protected. The result will be extracting the exact files from the DVD; further you can burn them to a new disk.

cladDVD .NET is easy to work with: insert the disk in the DVD-ROM, import it to the application and hit the “Scan” button. cladDVD .NET will immediately display titles and file information such as subtitles and audio streams.

Regarding the destination folder, you always need to select a local drive as an output path. Network drives and folders are not supported. Another precaution you need to take refers to the source drive. If you choose a DVD-ROM unit over a network, play the DVD for a few seconds first in order to unlock the drive. This way you are sure the ripper functions correctly.

The developers of cladDVD .NET promote their application as a tool for legally creating backups of DVDs that you own.

This backup tool is suitable for computers running Windows XP because it requires Microsoft .NET Framework, which is included in XP.

cladDVD .NET has not been developed anymore since 2005.
Reviews & Comments
cladDVD .NET 3.5.7
on 13 September 2010
I have used this software for over 7 years now and it works great for most of the dvds made up until 2007 2008. after that most of them cannot be decrypted due to the software not having been updated. They then created andthen that was surpassed by clonad is the author of all of these great free media tools. I have dontaed to them several times for their great work.
cladDVD .NET 3.5.7
on 18 October 2007
Excellent software for unscrambling but do not let you know how to combine Video_TS and Audio_TS file together while burning on a single DVD
cladDVD .NET 3.5.7
on 19 May 2007
no probs downloading but how do i save to burn to disc?