BeSweet 1.5 b31

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BeSweet helps you convert between various audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, AC3, MP2, VOB, OGG and AIFF.

BeSweet is a command-line application. If you prefer a graphical interface, you are advised to get BeSweetGUI or BeLight.

An advantage of BeSweet would be skipping the installation routine; you just need to download the application, extract files from the archive and run the executable.

The main actions you can perform in BeSweet are: decoding compressed tracks in order to burn Audio CDs, encoding music to MP3 and Ogg Vorbis, encoding movie soundtracks for DVD, SVCD, VCD, AVI and OGM, and transcoding compressed tracks in order to burn DolbyDigital CDs.

The output format is audio only (MP2, MP3, WAV, OGG, AC3 and AIFF).

The application can create multi-channel WAV and AIFF files and it enables you to choose a certain quality level of the output sound.

Apart from conversion, BeSweet also offers signal processing features: one-pass & two-pass normalization, dynamic range compression, sample-rate conversion, frame-rate conversion, partial encoding of long streams, splitting & merging audio streams, extracting audio streams from AVI & VOB files, delaying correction, and silence Insertion.

Additionally, BeSweet offers support for external plugins.

During conversion and editing, BeSweet doesn’t use any extra disc space and it doesn’t create temporary files.

In order to work with BeSweet, you need to learn its commands from the Help folder which comes with the product.

Most commands are self-evident, though. Once you become familiar with this piece of software, you should be able to use it trouble free. Another limitation of this application is that it may not work on the most recent Windows editions.

While it may lack the comfort and the intuitiveness provided by a GUI, BeSweet is a reliable and powerful application, and it is recommended to anyone who can handle a command-line interface.
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BeSweet 1.5 b31
on 23 December 2007
Homo Sapiens Moronis. Next time you write a review take time to spell properly to appear less like a moron, ok?

Oh, you a moron. My mistake.
BeSweet 1.5 b31
HOMO Sapiens Sapiens
on 29 October 2007
The tool is really very good - but what the other guy here says is bullnuts - the process of "transcoding" does not involve any information about the data loss that occurs while "transcoding" - this depends on the codec - if you use a destructive codec like mp3 or ogg or any of the modern psychoacustic masterpieces, you will ALWAYS get a loss of quality - but you will not here this - that in fact IS the essence of trhe art of writing codecs - throwing things away without making it hearabel / visible.

Saying "transcodung = no loss of quality" is totally bullnuts.

so much stupid disinfo in the net, we have to fight this cultural catastrophe!
BeSweet 1.5 b31
on 12 September 2007
Superb piece of software. Absolutely essential piece of software in my toolkit. It transcodes rather than encodes (although it will do that too) so no loss of audio quality. Extremely rapid conversion too. Use the BeLight gui for ease of use.