AviSplit Classic 1.43

Updated: 11 Jun 2005

3.5 from 2 Reviews

AviSplit Classic is a useful application helping you cut and merge AVI and DivX files by using a variety of editing options.
Because no data processing is performed, AviSplit Classic offers two different advantages at the same time: high speed and maintaining the same video quality.

AviSplit Classic is just as fast as copying the file itself!

The output provided by AviSplit Classic can be viewed in any media player and the recombined video is always identical to the original.

AviSplit Classic has a simple and intuitive interface, and you can easily import videos by using either the file browser or the drag and drop method.

There are several splitting methods you can choose between, such as optimal, median and smallest, or you can specify the number of parts you want to divide your movie into by using custom splitting options.

AviSplit Classic also offers information about imported files, such as name, duration, location, IDX and batch identity.

Before initiating the splitting process, you can preview the video, navigate it and select the destination folder.

Since AviSplit Classic is also a video joiner, you can put back pieces together (just the ones that you want, not necessarily all of them), and you can obtain the same video file as the original.

You don’t have to finish your project immediately; you can always save it and continue working on it later.

AviSplit Classic has not been updated anymore since 2005, but it may still be useful for anyone looking for a simple cutting tool. It uses a low amount of system resources and it doesn’t affect your computer’s performance.
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3.5 from 2 Reviews


AviSplit Classic 1.43
on 20 March 2007 , reviewed by:

Not for those who ride the short bus... otherwise its a great tool


AviSplit Classic 1.43
on 27 March 2006 , reviewed by:

After installing AviSplit classic: every avi file I wanted to put into the projet folder was said to be a ...

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