AVI FourCC Changer 1.00

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It’s easy to guess what AVI FourCC Code Changer does, due to its name: it changes the FourCC code in AVI files.

The FourCC code is an identification key which informs your system what decoder to use in order to play an AVI file.

When you open a video file in a media player, this code tells the application what codec to choose.

Changing the FourCC code of an AVI file only makes sense if the new codec uses the same compression method or the same compression algorithms, or otherwise you will obtain a useless video file.

This code changer has not been developed anymore since 2000 and its last version, 1.00, was designed to support Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME. It allows you to edit only one file at a time.
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AVI FourCC Changer 1.00
on 22 November 2013
do they ever upgrade this ? now is almost 2014
AVI FourCC Changer 1.00
on 24 September 2007
very good
AVI FourCC Changer 1.00
on 07 December 2005
If you're using CRAM and want to convert it to something else, not the tool for you, just makes the FourCC: CRAM/mp4 or what not.