AMCap 9.23

1.5 from 2 Reviews

AMCap is a small-sized yet powerful video capture application that is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.

It allows you to preview and record with webcam and camcorder devices at a high quality level.

AMCap got its name from the former nomenclature of DirectShow, which was called ActiveMovie.

This application offers support for video and audio sources as well and it can also work with analog TV tuners.

The most important features of AMCap include:

the still capture function; the quick video capture; compression capabilities (only in Windows Media 9 series); remembering window position, input, compression and size settings from the previous session; monitor and deinterlacing support, the always on top function; fast TV channel switching when using a tuner; full screen mode and on/off positions of caption bar and menu.

AMCap was designed with easiness of use in mind, from its intuitive and elegant interface to the fact that it automatically recognizes the plugged in recording device and it transmits the images that are being filmed immediately.

Additionally, you can produce home-made movies accompanied by sound because you can record from an audio source as well.

Other enhancements that have been added to AMCap in time are improved Windows 7 compatibility, multi-monitor support, maintenance build, new menu organization, transparent overlay movies playing in a loop, an option for playing audio streams to the overlay feature, added Color Space to Still Capture Pin properties, etc.

AMCap is a helpful and reliable application which offers substantial support for recording operations.

No matter what device you are using for input, such as webcam, camcorder, USB camera or TV tuner, you will find this program very easy to use and intuitive; AMCap is suitable for both beginners and power users.

Changes to AMCap 9.23:

This version is a whole new application with many improved and new features including:
- Preview and recording from DV sources
- MPEG-2 preview and recording enhancements
- Optional real-time compression (using installed compressors) while recording video

Reviews & Comments
AMCap 9.21
on 15 October 2012
Just what John said... fully functional that Noel┬┤s ass. Only after down and install we find out the shut down after couple of minutes. thank you John for the Dscaler tip! Fk this Noel pregnant dog.
AMCap 9.20
on 16 January 2010
I gave it a Bad rating because, the description before downloading the program; says that it is fully functional, except for a couple of functions.

Only after installing the Demo version, I read in the help, that it will only run for 15 minutes, then shut-off or crash.

Check out VirtualDub or DScaler, they are fully functional.