Adobe DNG Converter 16.2

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Adobe DNG Converter is a free tool enabling you to convert camera raw image files into DNG files for archiving or exploitation purposes.

Read Understanding RAW Formats guide.

This application offers support for more than 350 types of cameras, including the most popular brands.

DNG stands for digital negative and it represents a lossless raw image format created by Adobe using mainly metadata.

The reasons for creating this type of format are numerous: image preservation, easing the work of software developers, avoiding incompatibility problems etc.

With Adobe DNG Converter, you can manipulate image data from a large variety of cameras, including the following well-known brands: Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Ricoh, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Sigma, Nikon, Fujifilm and many others. See full list of of supported cameras here.

Adobe DNG Converter will continue to consolidate its position as more and more respected camera manufacturers and software developers will introduce products based on the DNG format.

Things are less complicated than they seem, since Adobe DNG Converter has an extremely simple and intuitive interface that even beginners can decipher within minutes. Easiness of use has become a standard for any successful software tool and Adobe DNG Converter makes no exception from the rule.

Adobe DNG Converter is appreciated by experts, as well. When you deal with large amounts of image files, the batch processing feature of this utility saves time and effort.

You can convert more photos at the same time, while preserving the subfolders structure. You will have at your disposal a large number of preferences settings to configure compression, compatibility mode and original raw file embedding options.

Adobe DNG Converter fits in perfectly in the series of software tools developed by Adobe and does its job flawlessly; this application is an essential weapon for anyone working with image files.

Be up-to-date by using modern digital image preservation methods and entrust your data to Adobe DNG Converter – it will not disappoint you.

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Reviews & Comments
Adobe DNG Converter 10.1
Miriam Platonov
on 14 December 2017
I used it to correct my pictures. Thanks.
Adobe DNG Converter 9.10
on 06 May 2017
its really useful tool to convert media files.
Adobe DNG Converter 8.6
on 04 August 2014
Only for Windows 7 ? Not for XP ! :-(