1Click DVD Copy Pro

3.67 from 3 Reviews

1Click DVD Copy Pro is a comprehensive solution for copying DVD movies to your computer.

The application includes the CPRx technology which ensures a high success rate for copying the last generation of DVD movies.

1Click DVD Copy Pro allows you to copy movies to and from DVD discs and it offers you complete control over the files you want to copy.

To make things simpler, this software includes a variety of presets, but you can also customize copying options as you wish.

The destination of the movie copy can be either a folder on your disc or a DVD burner. Additionally, you can use the folder which stores temporary files, too.

In order to enjoy 1Click DVD Copy Pro at its fullest, use the Copy Preset option, which allows you to choose the content you want to copy. You can include or leave out different components of the DVD movie by using the following options: movie only, movie and extras, episode DVD, exact copy and custom and full disc. You can always check the results by using the preview option.

1Click DVD Copy Pro offers support for dual layer media and also for NTSC and PAL DVD movies. You can decide how much compression to apply and you can make additional backup copies without needing to re-copy the DVD.

You will obtain the perfect copy with just one click due to the various advanced features of 1Click DVD Copy Pro: selecting the individual audio, video and subtitle streams, controlling the level of compression, and supporting the copying of Multi-Channel Audio.

1Click DVD Copy Pro is an excellent solution for those who want to copy the latest DVD movies. The best thing about this application is that you can rely on predefined options if you are a beginner or you can customize your copy using advanced options if you are a power user.

Changes in 1Click DVD Copy Pro 5.0.1:

- New: Big changes to CPRx error correction to support bad structure on DVDs, fake menus, etc.
- New: Added a warning when AnyDVD and CPRx are both enabled (a bad idea). CPRx is always the preferred option with 1CLICK. AnyDVD is not necessary and is considered a legacy third party utility.
- New: Added backward support for legacy (old) burn engine through a right click menu option.
- Updated: CPRx updated (version 1161) for new movies and all versions of "The Expendables 3".
Reviews & Comments
1Click DVD Copy Pro
Bill Lowery
on 29 September 2017
My question is: Is 1 Click going out of business, Or , Is the company being sold? I like using the program and have for some time.

I don't want to spend money for something I won't get!
1Click DVD Copy Pro 5.1
Tom Hanlon
on 11 August 2015
Positive: Love the program have been using it for many years had great support over those years with rapid response from support.

CONS: Installed windows 10. Corrupted drive loss all my license which was stored on the drive. Have sent 7 emails requesting a re-send of licence since it happened and to date have received no response. Licences for my other software from various other support request were promptly dealt with.

I still have time before renewing my 1clickCopy Pro but until I receive an answer cannot use or renew my licence. At that point I will then look for an alternative. Support use to be great - so disappointed with current treatment. Something need to be done else they will loose loyal costumers and sales in the future. What a pity such a great program yet a greater let down by support.
1Click DVD Copy Pro
Jim Eger
on 09 November 2011
I have used this program for over five years and it is the best one I have found yet. Really a great program.