How to fix Class not registered or 80040154 error

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"Class not registered" is one of the most annoying and frustrating error message I ever got because none of the video files can be played by Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic or other DirectShow player and common fix methods (Windows Media Player reinstallation/upgrade, codec reinstallation...) seems to fail.
Fortunately, the solution (in fact one of them because there are few different solutions) for this problem is very simple.

After some research I found that quartz.dll (a DirectX related DLL) wasn't registered correctly.

How to register it? Click on Start > Run... > and type regsvr32 quartz.dll

Run dialog box

In the end, you should receive a message saying that your file was succesfully installed.

The file was succesfully installed

Note: Please, let us know if the solution suggested here wasn't helpful for you so we can try to complete this guide with other hints.

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on 03 May 2015, written by: Aviral # 5

It didn't fix my problem but gave a error message as everyone else who have commented.I use windows 7 ultimate

on 05 Mar 2014, written by: Luna Lovegood # 4

This didn't work for me because I still get an error message that says: "Quartz DLL was loaded but call to DLL Register Server failed with error code 0x80070005. Now what???

on 25 Jan 2014, written by: racher # 3

didn't work on win 7

on 08 Dec 2013, written by: Kevin # 2

The opening paragraph said there were several easy fixes. Only one was given.

I did the recommended fix successfully, but that did not remedy the problem. What other commands can I run to try to fix this? Thank you.

on 15 Jul 2013, written by: Pcmaven1 # 1

Class not registerd when I try to save-as in MS Word or Open Office. Your fix had no effect, but got confirmation register server succeeded.

Rebooted, my problem not solved.

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