Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145

Updated: 12 Nov 2006

Windows Media Player is the multimedia software developed by Microsoft to provide users with the ability to view multimedia content, both from the Internet and from their hard drive. This program allows you to view MPEG and various other types of video content, as well as audio clips.
Windows Media Player 11 gives you more music and more choices, and for the first time makes it possible to sync high-quality music, video, and photos to the latest portable devices.

Changes in Windows Media Player 11 :

- New UI
- Support for better synchronization for portable devices
- Album “stacks” of album art
- Indexed libraries with search-as-you-type features
- User controlled downgrade of quality for DRM content to allow for smaller files

PotPlayer: is able to play smoothly almost any media file you throw at it without the help of any audio or video codec packs installed on PC.

XBMC Media Center: is capable of playing back and streaming all popular video, audio, and picture formats out-of-the-box.

jetAudio: is an integrated multimedia player with many powerful features.

Codec Installation Package for Windows Media Player 7.1 or later: this package can be used as an alternative to automatically downloading Windows Media Codecs...

WMP Tag Support Extender: Windows Media Player plugin to allow other tag support: APE, MPC, WavPack, OptimFrog, FLAC, OGG, MP4, M4A, AAC and more in WMP.

Convolver: is a DSP Audio convolution plug-in for Windows Media Player or any application that accepts DMOs or DirectShow filters.

PixelFusion: is a video enhancement plugin for Windows Media Player that processes digital video to make it sharper and clearer.


Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145
on 01 March 2012, reviewed by: adelaziz Hammad

The k-lite codecs mentioned above (way up there) are great. Fixed vista and MP11. I was very suss, but it ...


Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145
on 04 November 2010, reviewed by: ImSEVENTEEN

Actually they might have regardlessly clicked the NO button on the warning message that states: "Windows Media Player yadda yadda ...

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