Light Image Resizer (formerly VSO Image Resizer) is a software tool enabling you to change the resolution of your photos or to move them within your hard drive.
Resizing, importing, compression and copying are performed fast and easily so you organize your photos in no time.

You can even share your pictures online.

When you have a huge collection of photos on your computer, you may need to organize them better.

Light Image Resizer allows you to move photos easily from folder to folder and change their format, so you win some extra disk space.

Especially when you want to email a photo, you need a reliable tool for creating an email-friendly version that loads faster without completely ruining the picture’s quality.

After installing Light Image Resizer, you will have to select the type of interface you prefer (basic or complete mode).

The application is simple to work with. Add the source files, configure options and eventually hit the Process button. In seconds, you will have the job done.

It is far more easily than manually changing the formats and sizes of the files and moving them to another folder. Photos can be imported from memory cards, too.

Easier organization of photos and conversion are not the only assets of Light Image Resizer. Apart from changing the format, quality, size and resolution, you have the possibility of applying various effects: watermarks (even using your own watermark file), sepia, borders, gray scale, or inverting colors.

Light Image Resizer is a vital software for those who need to organize and edit a large amount of photos.

No matter what your needs are, from re-organizing your thousands of photos taken during holidays, to preparing your pictures for uploading them on your website, Light Image Resizer is a time-saving, easy-to-use tool recommended to anyone.
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