SimpleDivX is a powerfull frontend utilizing mencoder and supporting many video formats like mpeg4 and xvid and audio formats like mp3 and ac3.
Easy enough for an encoding novice, but customizable enough to suit encoding veterans.

Changes in SimpleDivX 1.40.25:

- Added Valencian Language file (Thanx to Vicent Adam.)

Important Notes:

- Project supported by
- Guides and other useful things related to SimpleDivX here:

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VirtualDub-MPEG2: VirtualDub mod with MPEG2 (SVCD, DVD, VOB) import support.

HC encoder: is a simple to use MPEG2 video encoder and is meant for creating MPEG2 video streams with a strong focus on DVD-compliancy.

The FilmMachine: all In One AVI to DVD/(S)VCD conversion utility. Supports DVD subtitles (both permanent and selectable).


SimpleDivX 1.40 Preview 19
on 14 April 2006, reviewed by:

Not easy to understand its interface, but once you do it works fine.

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