The Motion Detect filter is a DirectShow-based filter which calculates motion vectors using pass through video frames.
Some configuration options that you can adjust using the Motion Detect filter are sensitivity, searching range, maximum difference and pass through frame rate to the filter.

The Motion Detect filter is very easy to install. First of all, copy the file in C:\WINDOWS\system32. Right click on the file and select Register ActiveX (see the screenshot).

If you want to uninstall the filter, select Unregister ActiveX instead and remove the file from the system32 folder.

The Motion Detect filter has not been updated anymore since 2005 and it is considered obsolete. Its features can be found in newer products and using this filter is only recommended on older machines. pictures/screenshots/thumb/img_561.gif

Motion Codecs : Predictor codec and Mhuffyuv codec: lossless Windows codecs that compress motion (not only every frame separately).

Motion JPEG Codec: allows for high-quality, realtime Motion JPEG encoding. is known also as All website reviews, graphics, design and logo are Copyright © 2004-2018