madVR 0.87.10

Updated: 23 Apr 2014

madVR is a high quality video renderer (GPU assisted) that can be used with Media Player Classic Home Cinema or any other media player which supports madVR; just select madVR as the preferred renderer in the media player's settings.
Features of madVR 0.87:

- high quality chroma upsampling
- high quality scaling (bicubic, mitchell, lanczos, spline etc)
- high quality YCbCr -> RGB conversion
- gamut & gamma correction for display calibration
- full 16bit processing queue
- final 16bit processing result is dithered down to RGB output bitdepth
- bypasses graphics card's video (damage) algorithms
- all work is done via GPU shaders
- no shortcuts, highest quality has priority over anything else

Known problems / limitations:

- no subtitle support yet
- DVD playback with navigation/menu currently only works in XP, but not in newer OSs
- hardware accelerated video decoding (DXVA) is currently not supported
- hardware accelerated deinterlacing (DXVA) is currently not supported

• Firewall complaints:

madVR tries to automatically find other PCs in your local network which are also running madVR. If any such PCs are found, you can remotely switch audio and subtitle tracks, jump to specific chapters, etc etc. For this network functionality to work, madVR tries to access the local network, obviously. So if your firewall complains, you know why. If you don't ever plan to use madVR's network functionality, you can safely tell your firewall to block any and all madVR network accesses. Please rest assured, though, that madVR does not upload your private data to a server or anything of that sort. So allowing madVR to access the LAN should not result in any privacy or security problems.

Changes in madVR 0.87.10:

* added some optimizations to reduce AMD OpenCL interop cost
* added new windowed presentation path ("present several frames in advance")
* added support for decimating 50p/60p movies to 25p/24p
* added profile strings "filePath/Name/Ext", with wild char ("?", "*") support
* fixed: #181: profile auto switching sometimes invalidated file name tags
* fixed: #192: black flashing with Smooth Motion + NNEDI3 chroma doubling
* fixed: #193: image corruption when up&down scale is needed at the same time
* fixed: crash on Vista when trying to activate error diffusion
* fixed: Intel OpenCL CPU driver sometimes crashed
* OpenCL should now automatically prefer NVidia GPUs on Optimus laptops
* refresh rate hack is now only installed on Windows 8 (and newer)
* "Pause" OSD message no longer blocked
* file "" lists the current version number
* file "" lists SHA1 hash of the current ""

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madVR 0.83.5
on 26 September 2012, reviewed by: Duc

The new update is excellent :) Anti-ringing filter work great while upscaling :p


madVR 0.74
on 11 October 2011, reviewed by: djb247365

The MadVR renderer is great. Video looks crisper and clearer, and it makes terrific use of the graphics card you're ...

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