LAME MP3 Encoder for Mac OS is a free MP3 encoder which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.
The main features of this encoder are:

- being compiled as libmp3lame.dylib,
- working with Audacity, including the Lame front-end and documentation,
- being compiled with GCC 4.0.1, universal binary (Power PC and Intel),
- and running on OS X 10.4 and later with a G4 or a better processor or any Intel processor.

There are two versions of Lame:

- one compiled by snifferdog (Lame encoder 3.99.5 together with the LIBMPG123 decoder 1.12.1)

- and another one compiled by Thalictrum (Lame 3.99.5). The second version has not been updated anymore since 2012.

LAME DirectShow Filter: enriches LAME libraries with a DirectShow interface and property pages.

LAME ACM MP3 Codec: the much sought after ACM codec version of Lame MP3 encoder. is known also as All website graphics, design, logo and layout are Copyright © 2004-2017