The development of DVX was discontinued in favor of StaxRip.

DVX stands for DVB and DVD. DVX automates some of the most powerful video tools in order to create DivX or XviD videos out of DVB or DVD sources.
Features of DVX :

- Audio Encoder: BeSweet, VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod
- VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod can be invoked to make advanced settings for instance to cut
- Original DivX (5.x) menu
- Original Xvid menu
- Compressibility check
- Special credits treatment
- Overhead calculation
- Bitrate correction after audio encoding
- Bitrate correction after credits encoding
- Auto detection for the correct aspect ratio
- AviSynth menu with presets for the popular filters
- AviSynth filter selection with around 100 AviSynth filters, filter quick search and filter help
- The AviSynth editor supports Syntax Highlighting
- Around 30 macros that can be used in every script and commandline function
- Settings can be saved as profiles
- Full featured BeSweet menu
- Support for two audio streams
- Launch buttons with support for commandline with arguments and macros
- Shutdown when encoding is finished
- Support for language selection, subtitles, movie information
- Commandline interface usefull for timer recordings
- Joblist
- Encoding modes Multi-Pass, Both Passes, Single Pass, First Pass, Second Pass usefull for for XviD using different settings in first and second pass
- Popup tooltip
- Log function
- XCD support
- Burn support
- Easy installation
- Required software available in one package (SysPack)
- Multilingual
- Settings can be saved as profiles
- Easy Installation - Comprehensive help and guides included
- Update function
- AutoCrop
- Support for VOB Input
- Full featured crop dialog (incl. Auto-Crop)
- Full featured preview window
- Range encoding - Plugins interface and editor
- etc.

These features are extended by the available plugins that adds:
- Original Vp3 menu
- MP4/AAC support
- Subtitles ripping
- OGM splitting

Video codecs supported by DVX :

- DivX 5.0.x/DivX 5.0.x Pro
- XviD - Vp3 (trough plugin)

Input formats supported by DVX :

- AVI, D2V, VOB, MPG, PVA, VDR, M2V, MPV, etc.

Output formats supported by DVX :

- DVX natively supports: DivX, XviD, Mp3, Ogg Vorbis, Ac3, Mp2, etc.
- Trough available plugins you can also output: Vp3, AAC
- Then you can mux it into: AVI, OGM, MKV and MP4 (trough plugin)

Changes from DVX to DVX :

- Updated polish translation by Pablak.
- Updated italian translation by uccellino.
- Added support for latest DivX Fusion build.
- Added "Go To Frame" feature in preview. It has a MRU (most recently used) feature and therefore can also be used to remember (on program level) positions.
- New text editor control from SharpDevelop IDE.
- Fixed crash in audio dialog that happened on streams DVX can't assign a language.
- Decreased the min value of the resize slider to 320.
- Automatic adjustment of the zoom factor in the preview for small resolutions to ensure all button are visible.
- Fixed a very ugly process priority bug. I hope it works stable for *all* programs now. It works even for VirtualDub/Mod which does the encoding in a separate thread. The VirtualDub/Mod status window don't show the actual priority however because it cannot know DVX has changed the thread priority clandestinely.
- Fixed negative crop values when cropping with the mouse.
- Added option under Settings / General to specify which YV12 decoder the system uses. Works only with NT systems.
- Added YV12 decoder to the requirements check showing warning if it's not properly installed. DVX works only with a YV12 decoder. It's recommend to use XviD as YV12 decoder since it's the fastest I've tested.
- Improved preview and crop dialog related to layout and performance.
- Fixed bugs that crashed the preview and crop dialog under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a few flaws in the AviSynth script editor.
- Removed common DivX dialog, it was broke after 5.2.1 and after Plasma/Fusion it's broke again.
- Fixed VSRip trying to extract subtitles if the DVD hasn't subtitles.
- Added Customizable size menu, improved context/main menu editor.
- Reworked jobs dialog.
- Reworked encoder options.
- Added support for encoder profiles.
- Added targeted comp. check value in advanced options.
- Added support to reset encoders.
- Added LameACM audio profile for VirtualDub to create MP3 CBR.
- Removed requirement of the DVX help file is no longer required. The paths dialog is however shown where it can be downloaded if the help is invoked but not available.
- Changed changelog from txt to htm.

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WinAVI Video Converter: is the fastest video convert solution in the world.

DVDx: allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0, SCVD1.0 or DivX in one step (Including multiplexing and splitting).

TMPGEnc: converts *.AVI file to MPEG-1/2, the format which is used in VideoCD. Using variety of option in TMPGEnc, you can compress your video file in high quality.


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