Virtual VCR 2.6.9

Updated: 26 Nov 2005

Virtual VCR is a small, free and versatile DirectShow video capture application designed to work with TV tuner and video capture cards that have WDM drivers.
Features of Virtual VCR 2.6:

- Arbitrary resolution settings (480x576 etc).
- Compression codec selection and setup (Video and Audio)
- Smart Tee Preview for capturing and previewing at full resolutions
- Pre Filtering allows use of installed DirectShow filters [more]
- Video crop before capture
- Can be used with a Scheduler to capture at preset times [more]
- Command line options for use in BAT files etc
- Real-time Capture stats including compression ratio, bytes sec etc
- Small, Fast and Free

Changes in Virtual VCR 2.6.9:

- Added Help Context to the Capture Stats Dialog.
- Added 1 second delay before starting preview or capture when the app first starts to help people with slow tuner cards.
Bug Fixes:
- If the Video AMP is set to auto for Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation do not alter them.
- Save stats - free space and video compression number format fixed.
- Use the GetModuleFileName() to get the current exe name, this is used to get the version number etc.

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VH Screen Capture Driver: is a DirectShow filter, which emulates Video Capture card and captures screen activity.

CamStudio Lossless Codec: is a very fast codec optimized for screen capture applications.

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