AudioShell 2.0 beta

Updated: 9 Feb 2014 | Freeware | 2.4MB | Downloads: 16804

AudioShell is a freeware MS Windows Explorer shell extension pluggin which allow you to view and edit music files tags directly in Windows Explorer.
AudioShell support all files and tags standards supported by Tag&Rename.

AudioShell add tag editor and viewer tabs to music files properties page (you can edit tags file by file or by groups), detailed music files hint with tag and file information and additional columns in Explorer files list.

Supported files and tags formats :

- mp3 (all ID3 tag versions)
- Windows Media (wma, asf and wmv files)
- Apple iTunes aac (m4a, m4p and m4b) and mp4 and aiff files
- ogg, flac (vorbis comment tags)
- mpc, mp+, monkey’s audio, wav pack, optim frog, true audio - APE tags, APEv2 tags
- wav - ID3v2.3 tag in 'id3 ' RIFF chunk and LIST INFO chunk
- dsf (DSD/Direct-Stream Digital) - ID3v2.3 tag

Changes in AudioShell 2.0 beta:

- added writing support to AudioShell properties handler - now tag fields can be edited directly in Windows Explorer
- minor improvements
* AudioShell 2.0 alpha:
- fully rewritten version for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 32 and 64 bit


AudioShell 1.3.5
on 12 September 2013, reviewed by: DJ DangerousNile


Greatest Tag Editor on the Market!

Really Simple and Easy to use, Great for adding an Image to a Mp3 File!!! 10/10 The Best! @DangerousNile

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