Nero 2024

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Nero is a collection of multimedia tools which allow you to handle photos, music and audio files.

A complete workstation, Nero offers a wide range of options for getting the most out of your media contents: burning, editing, backing up, ripping, conversion and playback.

Nero focuses on home media and it has a user-friendly interface; moreover, it offers a complete solution for managing your media files, which makes it extremely attractive to any average user with a special interest in photos, music and movies.

The applications contained by this pack are Nero MediaHome, Nero MediaBrowser, Nero Blu-Ray Player, Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express, Nero Video, Nero Recode, Nero RescueAgent and Nero BackItUp.

Apart from these useful tools, you could involuntarily install additional unwanted software, but this is easily preventable if you pay attention during the set up process.

The main features of Nero tell you almost everything you need to know in order to deploy it on your computer: it allows you to manage and organize your pictures, music and videos; it allows you to create and edit media contents like a professional, you can convert from and to any format for virtually any device, you can burn error-free discs and you enjoy a variety of useful add-ons.

The Nero MediaHome application allows you to open, synchronize, and stream your media contents and it is equipped with an embedded player which makes it possible to preview the selected file. The first time you launch it this virtual item looks for all the media files on your computer and displays them in the main window.

The size of this media tools pack is considerable, but on the other hand it offers you an extensive solution and you can choose the components you want to deploy on your computer. It will definitely attract the attention of any heavy media consumer.
Reviews & Comments
Nero 2018
David rathan
on 07 January 2018
I bought Nero 2017. It promised 4K. It did not work. O got a refund. I figured they fixed the problem. I bought Nero 2018. Same problem.

I would not burn a regular DVD. I tried in Blu-ray. It worked but the disc would not play in my Blu-rays player. WFT.
Nero Burning ROM 11.2.004
on 01 May 2012
200MB download for what??? this crappy software that just stagnates my core i7 laptop to almost a standstill when burning ... and it wont burn a bluray data disc as advertised ... trashed 7 bluray discs ... I have a good mind to demand a new pack of bluray discs be mailed to me from nero just for attempting to use their crappy software ...

Nero used to be such a classy program so easy to use but since nero 7.9 it just sux ... I am going back to burnawarefree which is only 36mb in size and does EVERYTHING
Nero Burning ROM 10.6.12300
on 08 September 2011
Sorry, I have Nero MediaHome 4 and Nero Rom 8, than came out the two free versions and I got an invitation of Nero also to try it. So I thought give it a try and tried to install the Nero Kwik Media first (from the invitation). But all knows how Nero works, it first want a clean install without other Nero programs. I had plans to stop with MediaHome 4 so I had onlo un-install Nero 8 (what not well worked with windows7). So all was clean and I installed the Kwik media and all his updates, on the websites were also free tutorials (1 + 2) so I've tried all... but my reaction was not what that.... about a Little (small) 10!!

I don't what the Nero company had espected with this free version, because it's not like that.... only CD is possible and for the rest you must think/dream about it. I tried also the 'Burn Lite' but I could it know, that it was even so bad!.

But most badly about all the Nero programs must come after that and Nero haven't warn me bevor!!!
I deleted the two free programs and tried to install Nero 8, but it wasn't possible yet, because the cleaningtool had found something! I installed the general cleaningtool and the tool found nothing!!

Again I tried to install my regular Nero 8 (on my windows 7/x64 but with 32-bits is going sometimes better). I've search the register, Temp, you it.... all the places but nothing was going. I'v contacted the chat-support and they wrote me some steps in text, but the most steps I did. Because there is NO CLEANINGTOOL for NERO 10.

That's ofcourse a crazy thing, this company is very enthousiastic about their new version 10, but it has forgotten to make a cleaningtool for that version.... It sounds crazy but how many clients/members of Nero made the same as I did??
And how many new (business) clients buy Nero-products with the same problems after trying a freeware-product.

The support of Nero cannot help me and said also that Nero-8 is not made for Windows 7, only a spectal update of Nero-9 or later (on the website) is made for Windows 7.
There is not asking me or said to me how we can make a solution for this problem!!! or how could you work with Nero-8 because we cannot....
I hate the company of Nero now, ofcourse I have written them angry e-mails with warns about their product pfff.
I shall never buy a Nero-product again, for me Nero is over. That I'm disabled and normaly slow can work with Nero, by this reaction not pragmatic.

They have taken my only payed burn-programm because of an invitationto try a free product....
pffff and they haven't give me any solution to install my old Nero-product..... ALL their fault, sorry... than I only can say Nero is AWFUL.