NRW Codec enables you to work easily with Nikon RAW (.NRW) images; NRW images become just as accessible as JPEG and TIFF images.
This codec is useful to anyone owning one of the following digital camera models: COOLPIX P7800, COOLPIX P7700, COOLPIX P7100, COOLPIX P7000, COOLPIX P6000, COOLPIX P340, and COOLPIX P330.

It runs on various operating systems, from Windowx XP to ProWindows 8.1 (32 and 64-bit versions).

One of the first advantages you will notice after installing NRW Codec to your computer is previewing images using Windows Explorer and the Windows Live Photo Gallery.

You will be able to view the thumbnails of NRW images as if they were common format images.

The set up procedure of NRW Codec is fast and simple. You need to download the installer to your computer in an appropriately named folder and afterwards open the installer. Follow the steps suggested by the installer until you complete installation.

NRW Codec functions as a plugin for the Windows Live Photo Gallery; in order to view NRW thumbnails and to open them with Windows Photo Viewer, you need to right click on a NRW file, go to Open with and select Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Live Photo Gallery.

There are some limitations of this codec, too. For instance, you cannot rotate or print NRW files using Windows viewing applications.

Moreover, if you use Windows XP, thumbnail images will not open in Explorer. If you try to copy NRW files using Explorer on a Vista operating system, thumbnails may not be displayed correctly in Explorer. The problem can be solved by refreshing the window.

NRW Codec is a must for anyone using Nikon digital cameras producing NRW RAW image files; by installing this codec to your system, NRW files will become very easy to work with.

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