Musepack Decoder and Encoder is a set of tools allowing you to compress your music to Musepack, a lossy, yet high-quality format.
You won’t be able to hear any difference between the original WAV files and the output MPC files.

On the other hand, the resulting files will occupy less memory space on your computer.

Musepack Decoder and Encoder is a command-line application, and it can be used with the MPC Batch Encoder, the Windows GUI for this compression tool.

Musepack is a lossy, transparent format based on the MPEG01 Layer II and MP2 algorithms and it is already optimized and preferred by many music listeners around the world.

The tools included with the Musepack Decoder and Encoder are eight in number: mpcenc (it converts WAV or lossless files to MPC files); mpcdec (it converts MPC files to WAV and it checks files for stream errors); mpcgain (a ReplayGain calculator adds ReplayGain information to MPC files); mpcchap (the SV8 chapter editor embeds chapters into MPC files using information in chapter or CUE files); mpccut (the SV8 stream cutter cuts stream segments based on selected start and end samples) and mpc2sv8 (Musepack SV7 to SV8 converter losslessly converts the MPC files which have been encoded by a SV7 encoder).

The last version of the Musepack encoder was 1.16, and it featured various changes, such as an optional beeping at the end of the encoding, removing tag guessing from filename on UNIX, a code clean-up and enabling bit-perfect fast seeking.

Musepack SV8 tools :

• This package contains the Musepack Stream Version 8 command line tools for Windows.
- mpcenc 1.30.0 - the encoder converts WAV or lossless files to MPC files.
- mpcdec 1.0.0 - the decoder converts MPC files to WAV or checks files for stream errors.
- mpcgain 0.9.3 - the ReplayGain calculator adds ReplayGain info to MPC files.
- mpcchap 0.9.0 - SV8 chapter editor embeds chapters into MPC files using info in chapter or cue files.
- mpccut 0.9.0 - SV8 stream cutter losslessly cuts stream segments based on selected start/end samples.
- mpc2sv8 1.0.0 - Musepack SV7 to SV8 converter losslessly converts MPC files encoded by an SV7 encoder.

Changes in Musepack SV8 tools:

- Updates in Windows package: mpcgain.exe was fixed to prevent corruption which could be caused in certain cases and to allow wildcards. mpccut.exe is now more resilient to errors and can cut broken files.

Musepack is one of the best options when it comes to audio compression, and the tools provided by the Musepack Decoder and Encoder pack will allow you to use advanced options for converting and editing your music files.
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