MPEG Mediator is a free and easy to use MPEG-Video stream converter.
MPEG Mediator supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams (Transport Streams are not supported) including AC-3, MPEG and LPCM audio-substreams. MPEG Mediator provides a great amount of flexibility through its use of 'Flask'-style plugins to output the converted video ('Flask' is popular MPEG stream converter).

Changes in MPEG Mediator 1.5:

- added a pause functionality to the progress dialog
- replaced the "Display video" control with a "Display every nth Frame" control in progress dialog
- renamed "Inverse Telecine" menuitem to "Keep Film"
- Added sort functionality to file dialog
- recompiled the avi-plugin with dynamically linked mfc

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MPEG Mediator 1.5
on 21 December 2005 , reviewed by:

I Love this software! I have actually quit using Divx converter and used this to convert all my VOB's to ...

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