Jajuk is a clever music organizer which sorts your audio files and offers a large variety of playback options.
It helps you make some order in your scattered music collection while offering various suggestions and visions of it.

The player functions are extremely diverse: ambience management; rating system; configurable cross-fade; finding duplicates; alarm clock functions; the “Prepare Party” function which enables you to copy tracks fast to an external device; a file management tool (cut, copy, past, rename, create, delete and other options); shuffle, best of, novelties and finish album functions, planned tracks which allow you to foresee your selection and many others.
You don’t need to worry about your music format, since Jajuk provides support for the most popular file extensions: MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, WMA etc.

Other important coordinates of this application are the playlist support, the covers support, the tag support, the search functions and its engine features.

Regarding the engine, Jajuk uses an XML database to store collection tags, it is able to start very large collections quickly, it can create custom attributes on any item to store personal such as your own tag and it features disconnected devices support, so you can navigate into unmounted devices at any time. Collection reporting is performed either in HTML or XML. The DBus support is available only for Linux.

The limitations of this program include the impossibility of adding radio stations of your choice and not being able to enhance sound through an equalizer (or at least not for the 1.10.7 version).

Jajuk is a good audio organizer and its playback capabilities are quite impressive. It should please the average user and it is worth giving it a try.

- Jajuk requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 and above to run.
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