Important! The development of Flickz seems to be discontinued.

Flickz is an ideal solution for keeping track of your DVD movie library.
The main aims in designing Flickz were speed, compactness and linkage to other data sources.

Whereas many other movie organiser programs that are widely available allow you to record extremely detailed information about every aspect of your DVD collection Flickz, by contrast, stores only a modest but important sub-set of the total amount of information available.

The real power of Flickz lies in it's unique Display Filter search facility and the in-depth hyperlinked cross-referencing built into the compendious HTML web pages that are generated by the program.

These pages not only form the basis of a self-contained personalised web site, but also serve as a research springboard into The Internet Movie Database via a movie title or cast member link.

Flickz also creates a corresponding sub-set of web pages that are optimised for viewing on a PDA type hand-held device. As well as the facility to export the details as text, there is also a comprehensive backup and restore facility to ensure that your data is always safe and sound.

Entering a new title is simplicity itself, since all necessary details, including a thumbnail image and plot summary are automatically imported from The Internet Movie Database. This does, of course, assume that you have a working internet connection, preferably broadband. In fact without such a connection, Flickz will not be of much benefit to you!

Changes in Flickz :

- Movies can now be filtered by start letter using the new Alpha tabs. This works independently to the primary display filters.
- Enhanced HTML webpage layouts. Please refer to this FAQ article for further information: pictures/screenshots/thumb/Flickz_2.gif

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