DeGlitch is designed to detect and correct isolated bad samples in digital audio files caused by ripping damaged CDs or discs that do not meet the CD standard (i.e. copy protected).
These errors are generally heard as clicks, although they can also occur in bursts that sound more like crackle.

DeGlitch will not work at all on the clicks found in vinyl rips (which span many consecutive samples) and will not work as well with audio that has been compressed (except lossless).

Its algorithm will also fail in error bursts where more than 1/3 of the samples are corrupted, although these will normally occur only with deeply scratched CDs.

The popular CD ripper program Exact Audio Copy (EAC) has a similar (but very simple) function built into its waveform editor.

However, the EAC deglitcher is not able to eliminate all audible glitches and also quite often falsely triggers on regular audio.

While it may be impossible to perform this task flawlessly, DeGlitch has been finely tuned and will generally eliminate all audible glitches while very rarely falsely triggering, and will perform this without the nuisance of the threshold adjustment that the EAC deglitch function requires.

However, because DeGlitch WILL falsely trigger at least once in about half of all CD tracks, it is NOT recommended that DeGlitch be used for all rips.

Instead, DeGlitch should be used only when audible clicks are heard in rips of dirty, damaged, or copy protected CDs. If your ripper reports that errors occurred in your rip, you might want to listen to those tracks to see if there are audible clicks that DeGlitch could remove.

However, it is important to note that just because your ripper does not report any errors there still may be audible glitches, so always use your own ears as the final judge.

You can also use DeGlitch as a scanner for potential glitches and then listen at the reported times to verify any real glitches.

Newer CD drives may automatically fix glitches in CD rips, or may report these errors (known as "C2 errors") to the ripper software so that it may fix them. You may have to select options in your ripper software to accomplish this.

If you still have audible glitches in your rips, however, DeGlitch may very well be the only solution.

About DeGlitch frontend 1.0:

DeGlitch frontend is a Windows interface for DeGlitch. Usage is pretty straight forward. There is an option to make a backup of the source file. First check if you have enough harddisk space, the program doesn't do that for you. The backup will be named "source.wav.bak".

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