AVSEdit is the official script editor for AviSynth. It provides an easy interface to write and preview scripts, making AviSynth more accessible to beginners and advanced users alike.
If you've always wanted to use AviSynth, but have been intimidated by the lack of a GUI, or if you just want to make scripting a little easier, you should give AVSEdit a try.

Changes in AVSEdit

- added key (S) in preview to save the current frame to a file.
- added key (C) in preview to copy the current frame to the clipboard.
- added key (G) in preview to open a new "Go To Frame" dialog which accepts frame number or time.
- fixed negative values when cropping with mouse
- crop dialog, trim and filter preview work now if functions are called before the selection but defined after the selection
- gdiplus library included (another MB)

Changes in AVSEdit

- updated docs and filter descriptions
- header added
- focus issue fixed when invoking the help from the parameter tab
- two mouse selection issues fixed in the TextEditor component

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AVSEdit requires Microsoft .NET Framework which is only included in XP.

AVSGenie: is a GUI for AviSynth.

AvisynthEditor: an advanced AviSynth script editor.

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