AvisynthEditor is an advanced AviSynth script editor featuring syntax highlighting, auto-complete code and per version plugin definition files.
Features of AvisynthEditor 0.5:

- Syntax highlighting
- Definition files per avisynth versions (stored under AvisynthEditor\def\avisynth 2.x.x)
- Internal (F5) and External (F6) preview
- Internal preview frame step using arrow keys
- CTRL+SPACE script sense (Use TAB to select method)
- Classes/Methods Treeview
- Edit/Search options
- Import/Export scripts
- Detected avisynth.dll version displayed in statusbar
- .def files replaced with DVX .xml files (great work Dolemite!)
- 'Save As' bug should be fixed
- Comment/Uncomment block (need some fixes)
- Recent files
- Filter description/help window
- Filter Treeview modes: Plugins and Categories
- commandline args:
-i: input filename
-ot: opener title (for external call)
-oh: opener text handle (use Spy++ to test)
- Filters GUI w/script generation: Crop, Trim, Resize
- Bitrate Calculator
- Optional RGB Preview

Changes in AvisynthEditor 0.5 :

- improve filter parsing
- fix some bugs
- improve speed

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AVSEdit: The official script editor for AviSynth.

AVSGenie: is a GUI for AviSynth.

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