Aspirator is a tool that provides you to convert a DVD compressed in MPEG2 Format to an AVI file compressed with various codecs such as Divx 4.xx 5.x.x or XVID Codec. (5.0.2 or Xvid are recomended).
Features of Aspirator 1.1.5 :

- It converts AC3, MPA or WAV audio streams (wich are the 3 sound formats you can find on DVD's) to MP3.
- Can also keep AC3 or WAV to multiplex them in the AVI file.
- Audio Files can also be amplified or treated separetely (DVD to MP3 conversion).
- It can "demultiplex" subtitles informations wich means to separate the subtitles informations contains in VOB files. That way you can treat them with program such as Subrip that permits you to make an OCR on the little bitmaps that contains subtitles and generate .srt or .sub files.
- Aspirator can make a conversion with only 2 gigas of freee space on your hard drive. Don't worry it will not harm your DVD-ROM, it does not read all data directly from DVD, but copy each chapters to your hard drive, then processed it before deleting it and copying the next.
- Another interresting feature of Aspirator is that you can split a movie by chapter (usefull for DVD concert).
- It runs Nandub to join audio and video files with good interleaving (it syncronizes audio and video)
- Accept on or two pass treatment.
- Configure automatically any kind of Divx or Xvid codec. (Still some problems with 5.0.3)
- Advanced BitRate Calculator with one pass (check video size and then calculate good audio kbps) or two pass movies (process audio after the first pass, check audio size and then calculate good video kbps).
- Resize and cropping can be made by inside resizer or using Divx Codec resizer and cropper.

Aspirator 1.1.5 needs :

- Avisytnh 2.54 or greater is needed... You got a version on Extras subfolder. First of all : install it.
- Divx 5.2.1 (Highly Recommended). Do not use Auto Codec Calibration with 5.1.x and higher version than 5.2.1 !!!
- Some other Codecs Xvid, Divx, or Producer(RV9/RV10) are needed to encode video.
- Auto Calibration Codec supports those codecs : XVid, Divx 3.11, 4.xx, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.0.3, 5.2.0, 5.2.1 in English and French.

Changes in Aspirator 1.1.5 :

- Audio and Video Menus are not anymore enabled.
Audio Configurations can be made for each streams, and are set in the Streams Box by clicking on adv.
Supported Audio format : MP3,AC3,AAC,OGG
- Computer or Aspirator crashes are managed : Aspirator restarts after the last well done task.
- RV9/RV10 supported. You must download Producer 9 or 10. Then set producer path in the misc options.
- Mkv multiplexing enable. A command line is automatically generated (to provide post processed subtitles multiplexing).
- Templates arre supported for Avisynth scripts. Just edit them in the Templates subfolder. Be carefull !

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The FilmMachine: all In One AVI to DVD/(S)VCD conversion utility. Supports DVD subtitles (both permanent and selectable).

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